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FAQ About Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan

Radha Krishna
Radha Krishna

The Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is renowned for its captivating black stone idol of Lord Krishna in the unique Tribhanga posture. The temple itself is around 160 years old, but the idol is believed to be much older. Legends surround the reason for the idol's black color, with some attributing it to lamp smoke over centuries and others to a divine manifestation. If you're planning a visit, weekdays and non-festival times offer a calmer experience compared to bustling weekends and holidays. The temple timings typically range from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm, depending on the season. Vrindavan is easily accessible by train, bus, or taxi from Delhi or Mathura, with rickshaws and taxis readily available within Vrindavan to reach the temple. While there's only one prominent Banke Bihari Temple, Vrindavan is a treasure trove of Krishna temples. Consider exploring guided tours for a deeper understanding, and remember, weekdays and non-peak hours can significantly enhance your experience at this magnificent temple.

1. Why is Banke Bihari Temple famous?

It's famous for its unique black stone idol of Lord Krishna in the Tribhanga posture (bent in three places) and the captivating Shringar ceremonies.

2. Why is Banke Bihari black?

The exact reason is unknown, but legends suggest it could be due to the absorption of lamp smoke over centuries or a divine manifestation.

3. When was the Banke Bihari Temple built?

The present temple complex housing the idol was constructed in 1864.

4. When is the Banke Bihari Temple less crowded?

Weekdays and non-festival times generally see smaller crowds compared to weekends and major holidays.

5. When does the Banke Bihari Temple open?

The temple timings vary depending on the season, but generally open around 7:30 am and close around 8:30 pm.

6. Who is Banke Bihari Ji?

Banke Bihari Ji is a form of Lord Krishna, believed to be the combined form of Radha and Krishna.

7. Who built the Banke Bihari Temple?

The exact origin is unclear, but the present structure is attributed to Raja Jai Singh of Jaipur in the 19th century.

8. How to reach Banke Bihari Temple from Mathura Junction?

You can take a rickshaw, taxi, or auto-rickshaw from Mathura Junction to Vrindavan (around 12 km). The temple is located within Vrindavan.

9. How to reach Banke Bihari Temple from Delhi?

Take a train or bus to Mathura or Vrindavan. Alternatively, taxis or cabs are available for a direct journey from Delhi.

10. How far is the Banke Bihari Temple from Prem Mandir?

They are quite close within Vrindavan. It's a walkable distance (around 1 km) or a short rickshaw ride.

11. How many Banke Bihari Temples are in Vrindavan?

There's primarily one renowned Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, though Vrindavan has numerous other Krishna temples.

12. How old is the Banke Bihari Temple?

The idol is believed to be much older, but the current temple structure is around 160 years old, built in 1864.

13. How to visit the Banke Bihari Temple?

You can plan your independent visit or opt for guided tours offered by local tour operators. Weekdays and non-peak hours are recommended for a less crowded experience.

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