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How to Visit Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour ?

Embark on a spiritual odyssey and immerse yourself in the essence of divinity with a mesmerizing 3-day journey through the sacred land of Mathura Vrindavan. Nestled on the banks of the Yamuna River in India, this enchanting destination is steeped in mythology and revered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. As you traverse the sacred temples and holy sites, you will be captivated by the vibrant atmosphere, where devotion and spirituality intertwine. Witness the mesmerizing aarti (prayer ceremony) at the iconic Banke Bihari Temple, and feel the sublime energy fill your soul. Explore the ancient narrow lanes of Vrindavan, adorned with temples, where the sound of devotional hymns echoes through the air. This spiritual sojourn offers a unique opportunity to partake in insightful discourses with esteemed spiritual leaders and immerse yourself in soul-stirring kirtans (devotional songs). Indulge in delightful vegetarian cuisine and experience the true meaning of love and devotion. Whether you seek transcendence or simply wish to explore the cultural heritage of India, this divine escapade promises unforgettable moments and a profound connection with the divine. Embark on a spiritual odyssey and immerse yourself in the essence of divinity with a mesmerizing 3-day journey through the sacred land of Mathura Vrindavan.

Keshi Ghat, Vrindavan
Keshi Ghat, Vrindavan

Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour

Have you ever dreamt of walking the sacred grounds where Lord Krishna played as a child? A Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour with Vrindavan Packages can make that dream a reality. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, rich history, and spiritual energy of these holy cities. Vrindavan Packages will curate a personalized itinerary filled with visits to ancient temples, breathtaking ceremonies, and the chance to connect with your inner peace.

Day 1: Exploring the birthplace of Lord Krishna(Gokul & Mathura)

  • Gokul: Embark on your Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour by venturing to Gokul, the idyllic village where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Visit the enchanting temples like the Govind Deo Temple and the Gokulnath Temple, believed to be on the very sites where Krishna frolicked with the Gopis.

  • Mathura: Travel to Mathura, the city widely believed to be Lord Krishna's birthplace. Here, you'll be awestruck by the majestic Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple, a sprawling complex marking the site of Krishna's birth. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy as you explore the temple's halls and shrines, adorned with intricate carvings and beautiful murals depicting scenes from Krishna's life. In the afternoon, visit other significant sites in Mathura, such as the Dwarkadheesh Temple, dedicated to Krishna as Dwarkadhish, and the serene Gita Ashram, where verses from the Bhagavad Gita are chanted continuously.

Day 2: Immersing in the divine atmosphere of Vrindavan

  • Vrindavan, the "Land of Temples": On day 2, your Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour takes you to Vrindavan, a city teeming with over 5,000 temples, each with its unique charm and story. Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant atmosphere and the melodious chanting that fills the air. Vrindavan Packages will ensure you visit some of the most prominent ones, including the Banke Bihari Temple, renowned for its mesmerizing darshan of Krishna, and the ISKCON Temple, a stunning architectural marvel dedicated to Radha and Krishna.

  • Witness Aarti Ceremonies: As the day unfolds, experience the magic of Vrindavan's aarti ceremonies, where offerings of light are made to the deities amidst the chanting of hymns and devotional songs. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy and lose yourself in the beauty of these traditional rituals.

Day 3: Attending mesmerizing Goverdhan, Barsana & Nandgaon

  • Goverdhan Puja: Explore the outskirts of Mathura and Vrindavan on your last day. Witness the Goverdhan Puja, a vibrant ceremony where devotees circumambulate the Goverdhan Hill, believed to have been lifted by Lord Krishna on his little finger. Be a part of the joyous celebrations and soak in the spirit of devotion.

  • Barsana & Nandgaon: Travel to Barsana, the birthplace of Radha, Krishna's beloved consort. Visit the Radha Rani Temple, a beautiful monument dedicated to Radha. Continue to Nandgaon, Krishna's foster home, and explore the Nand Bhawan, believed to be his childhood residence.

Must-visit temples in Mathura Vrindavan

A Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour wouldn't be complete without experiencing some of the most iconic temples. Here are a few highlights:


  • Shri Krishna Janmasthan Temple: This sprawling complex is believed to mark the site of Lord Krishna's birth. Immerse yourself in the spiritual energy and marvel at the intricate architecture.

  • Dwarkadheesh Temple: Dedicated to Krishna as Dwarkadhish, this temple boasts intricate carvings and a serene atmosphere. Offer your prayers to the beautiful black stone idol of Lord Krishna.


  • Banke Bihari Temple: Renowned for its mesmerizing darshan of Krishna, this temple is a must-visit. Witness the exquisitely adorned idol of Lord Krishna in his enchanting Tribhanga posture (three-bend pose). The temple has unique darshan traditions, so be sure to follow the guidance of your Vrindavan Packages representative to ensure a respectful and fulfilling experience.

  • ISKCON Temple (Krishna Balaram Temple): A stunning architectural marvel dedicated to Radha and Krishna. Be amazed by the intricate carvings, beautiful gardens featuring a variety of flowers and trees mentioned in Hindu scriptures, and the grandeur of this modern temple complex. Witness the aarti ceremonies here, a truly breathtaking spectacle with lights, flowers, and hymns filling the atmosphere.

Additional Gems to Consider:


  • Radha Raman Temple: This 16th-century temple houses an enchanting black marble idol of Radha and Krishna together. Witness the loving embrace depicted in the idol and feel the serenity of this historic temple.

  • Madan Mohan Temple: This 16th-century temple is known for its unique midday aarti ceremony, where the Lord is offered a grand lunch preparation.

  • Prem Mandir (Temple of Love): A relatively new architectural marvel made entirely from white marble. This temple is dedicated to the divine love story of Radha and Krishna.

Tips for planning your trip to Mathura Vrindavan

Planning a Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour requires a little preparation. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Best Time to Visit: Mathura and Vrindavan experience hot summers and mild winters. The ideal time to visit is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant.

  • What to Wear: Pack modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. This is especially important when visiting temples.

  • Respectful Behavior: Remember that Mathura and Vrindavan are sacred places. Dress modestly, behave respectfully, and be mindful of local customs.

Conclusion: A transformative journey through the sacred land

A Mathura Vrindavan in 3 days tour with Vrindavan Packages is more than just a sightseeing trip; it's a transformative journey that will reconnect you with your inner self, fill you with peace, and leave you with lasting memories. Let Vrindavan Packages craft the perfect itinerary for your spiritual adventure, ensuring you visit the most significant temples and experience the vibrant culture of this sacred land. Contact us today and embark on a journey to the heart of Hinduism!

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