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Garud Dev ji Temple

Mathura's vibrant tapestry of temples welcomes another unique gem - the Garud Dev Ji Temple. Unlike its neighbors dedicated to Krishna, this temple honors Garuda, the mighty eagle who serves as Lord Vishnu's loyal mount. Soaring high in Hindu mythology, Garuda is a symbol of strength, devotion, and spiritual knowledge.

Built in the 16th century, the Garud Dev Ji Temple boasts stunning red sandstone architecture. Intricate carvings depicting Garuda adorn the facade, offering a glimpse into its rich artistic heritage. Inside, the serene atmosphere invites prayer and reflection. A beautiful murti (statue) of Garuda stands as the temple's focal point, allowing devotees to connect with this powerful deity.

The Garud Dev Ji Temple offers more than just a spiritual experience. It's a window into Vaishnavism, a prominent Hindu tradition that reveres Lord Vishnu. By visiting this temple, you gain a deeper understanding of Mathura's diverse beliefs and rich cultural heritage.

Garud Dev ji  Temple in Vrindavan

About Garud Govind Temple

Address: Bhaktivedanta Swami Marg, Chhatikara, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Entry Timings: 4:30 AM - 3:30 PM

4:30 PM - 10:00 PM

 Time Required to Explore Garud Govind Temple: 1-2 hours

 Entry Fee: No entry fees


Distance :

From Mathrua Railway station to Garud dev ji Temple  is 13 km

From Mathura New bus stand to Garud dev ji Temple is around 11 km

Vrindavan Packages: Unveiling the Enchantment of Garud Govind Temple 

Embark on a spiritual odyssey to Vrindavan, the land of Krishna's divine love play, and discover the captivating Garud Govind Temple. Vrindavan Packages curates exceptional travel experiences, allowing you to delve into the rich tapestry of Vrindavan's temples, vibrant culture, and serene beauty. This page explores every detail of the Garud Govind Temple, from its captivating history and architecture to its unique legends and spiritual significance, transforming it from a hidden gem into a must-visit on your Vrindavan pilgrimage.


A Legacy Etched in Time:

Unveiling the History of Garud Govind Temple

Nestled amidst the bustling lanes of Vrindavan, near Chattikara on National Highway 2, lies the Garud Govind Temple. Unlike its more prominent counterparts, the Garud Govind Temple boasts a relatively lesser-known history, shrouded in the enchanting mist of time. Here's a glimpse into the captivating stories and beliefs surrounding the temple's origin:

  • Echoes of Krishna's Playful Leela:  One enchanting legend narrates that Lord Krishna, during his childhood pranks and playful pastimes with his friends (sakhas), often enjoyed mimicking Garuda, his loyal eagle carrier. He would playfully mount his friends, pretending they were Garuda, while he himself embodied the divine rider. The Garud Govind Temple is believed to be a manifestation of this playful Leela (divine sport) of Lord Krishna.

  • A Testament to Ancestral Lineage:  Another captivating narrative suggests the temple's establishment by Maharaj Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna.  According to this legend, Maharaj Vajranabha, driven by a deep sense of reverence for his illustrious lineage, commissioned the construction of the Garud Govind Temple to honor his divine ancestry.

  • A Debate Steeped in Divinity:  Some intriguing narratives associate the Garud Govind Temple with Lord Hanuman, the monkey god revered for his unwavering devotion to Lord Rama. Legends speak of Hanuman, disguised as a Brahmin scholar, visiting the temple and engaging in a profound discourse (shastrarth) with Garuda. The scholarly debate is said to have taken place on the very spot where the temple stands today, adding another layer of spiritual significance to the site.


Architectural Intrigue: A Visual Exploration of the Garud Govind Temple


Unlike the ornate architecture that characterizes many Vrindavan temples, the Garud Govind Temple boasts a distinct and relatively simple yet elegant structure. Let's delve into the visual details that set this temple apart:

  • Unique Design:  The temple's facade exhibits a straightforward architectural style, devoid of the elaborate carvings and towering shikharas (spires) commonly seen in Vrindavan. This simplicity creates a unique aesthetic, allowing the central iconography to take center stage.

  • The Central Marvel: Govind Riding Garuda:  The most striking feature of the Garud Govind Temple is the central statue housed within the sanctum sanctorum (inner sanctum).  This captivating statue depicts Lord Govind (Krishna) seated majestically on the back of Garuda, his loyal eagle carrier.  Garuda, with his outstretched wings and powerful form, appears poised for flight, symbolizing his role as Krishna's divine vehicle.  The intricate details of the statue, from the expressions on their faces to the ornamentation on their attire, leave devotees awestruck.

  • A Serene Ambiance:  The Garud Govind Temple, due to its relatively smaller size and lesser-known status, attracts fewer crowds compared to other Vrindavan temples. This creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere, allowing visitors to connect with the divine presence in a more intimate setting.


Devotees can visit Vrindavan's Garud Govind Temple for darshan (viewing) twice a day:

  • Mornings: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM (Aarti at 5:00 AM, Bhog at 6:30 AM)

  • Evenings: 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM (Aarti at 4:30 PM, Bhog at 5:30 PM, Shyan Aarti at 8:10 PM)


Spiritual Significance: Unveiling the Divine Essence of Garud Govind Temple


Beyond its captivating history and architectural style, the Garud Govind Temple holds immense spiritual significance for devotees visiting Vrindavan. Here's a deeper look into the reasons why this temple should be included in your pilgrimage:

  • Significance of Garuda:  In Hindu mythology, Garuda is not just Lord Krishna's loyal carrier but also a powerful deity in his own right. He symbolizes knowledge, immense power, and spiritual awakening. Devotees who visit the Garud Govind Temple seek blessings for intellectual pursuits, strength to overcome challenges, and protection from negativity.

  • A Reminder of Krishna's Leela:  The temple serves as a constant reminder of Lord Krishna's playful and compassionate nature. The central statue depicting Krishna riding Garuda embodies his playful Leela with his friends, reminding devotees of the joy and devotion that epitomize his divine presence.

  • Panchkosi Parikrama: The Garud Govind Temple holds special significance during the Panchkosi Parikrama, a traditional 5-day

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