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Mahabaleshwar - Alibaug - Lonavala (from Mumbai) Tour Package

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Mahabaleshwar - Alibaug - Lonavala
5 Days

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Tour Overview

Escape the ordinary and embark on a captivating journey that blends the serenity of hill stations, historical significance of forts, and the allure of pristine beaches. This meticulously planned 5-day itinerary from Mumbai offers a delightful exploration of Mahabaleshwar's scenic beauty, Alibaug's charming beaches and fort, and Lonavala's captivating caves and adventure activities.

This action-packed itinerary whisks you away from Mumbai (Day 1). Explore Mahabaleshwar's temples, viewpoints, and lakes. Day 2 features captivating points like Elephant's Head Point and the vibrant Mapro Garden. On Day 3, soak in the sun on Alibaug Beach and explore the historic Kolaba Fort. Day 4 unfolds with Lonavala's adventure - Karla Caves, scenic points, and Bhushi Dam. Conclude your journey (Day 5) with Lonavala's diverse offerings - Celebrity Wax Museum, Bhaja Caves, and Pawna Lake (optional). Comfortable transportation, delicious breakfasts, and cozy stays ensure a delightful escape.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Unveiling Mahabaleshwar's Grandeur (Start at 6 AM)
  • Early Morning: Our representative will pick you up comfortably from your designated location in Mumbai (around 6 AM).

  • Morning: Gear up for a scenic drive towards Mahabaleshwar, a popular hill station nestled in the Western Ghats.

  • Afternoon: Upon arrival, delve into the cultural and scenic treasures of Mahabaleshwar.

  • Krishnabai Temple / Krishna Devi Temple: Pay homage at the Krishnabai Temple, a revered Hindu shrine.

  • Mahabaleshwar Mandir: Seek blessings at the Mahabaleshwar Mandir, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Panch Ganga / Panchganga Temple: Witness the confluence of five sacred rivers at the Panch Ganga Temple.

  • Panoramic Vistas: Capture breathtaking vistas from viewpoints like Elphinstone Point, Arthur Seat Point (highest point in Mahabaleshwar), and Bombay Point (known for its sunsets).

  • Evening: Check into your pre-booked hotel in Mahabaleshwar and unwind after a delightful day.

Day 2: Unveiling More of Mahabaleshwar's Treasures (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: Savor a delicious breakfast and embark on further exploration of Mahabaleshwar's scenic beauty.

  • Lodwick Point: Marvel at the captivating views of the Krishna River Valley.

  • Venna Dam / Lake: Enjoy a boat ride or admire the serene beauty of Venna Lake, a major source of water for Mahabaleshwar.

  • Unique Rock Formations: Witness the fascinating Elephant's Head Point and enjoy panoramic vistas from Kate's Point.

  • Lingmala Waterfall: Take a refreshing dip or soak in the beauty of the cascading Lingmala Waterfall.

  • Mapro Garden: Explore the vibrant Mapro Garden, a popular tourist destination known for its strawberry products, chocolate factory, and scenic views.

  • Evening: Relax and enjoy the charming ambiance of Mahabaleshwar at your hotel.

Day 3: Unveiling Alibaug's Coastal Charm (Start at 8 AM)
  • Morning: After breakfast, check out from your hotel in Mahabaleshwar and embark on a journey towards Alibaug, a coastal town known for its pristine beaches and historical forts.

  • Afternoon: Upon arrival in Alibaug, soak in the coastal vibes.

  • Alibaug Beach: Relax on the scenic Alibaug Beach, known for its golden sands and calm waters.

  • Kolaba Fort / Alibaug Fort: Explore the historic Kolaba Fort, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

  • Optional Beach Hopping: If time permits, visit the laid-back Varsoli Beach or the secluded Nagaon Beach.

  • Evening: Check into your pre-booked hotel in Alibaug and unwind after a refreshing day on the coast.

Day 4: Unveiling Lonavala's Enthralling Caves & Scenery (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: After breakfast, bid farewell to Alibaug and head towards Lonavala, a hill station renowned for its scenic beauty and adventure activities.

  • Afternoon: Upon arrival in Lonavala, delve into its historical and adventurous offerings.

  • Karla Caves: Explore the ancient Karla Caves, a complex of Buddhist cave temples dating back to the 2nd century BCE.

  • Lions Point & Tiger's Leap: Capture breathtaking views of the valley from Lions Point and witness the dramatic Tiger's Leap, a cliff overlooking a valley.

  • Bhushi Dam: Enjoy scenic vistas and boating options (depending on availability) at Bhushi Dam.

  • Optional Detour: If time allows, consider visiting the scenic Rajmachi Point, offering panoramic views and historical significance.

  • Evening: Check into your pre-booked hotel in Lonavala and unwind after an exciting day.

Day 5: Unveiling Lonavala's Diverse Delights & Return to Mumbai (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: Savor a delicious breakfast and embark on your exploration of Lonavala's diverse offerings.

  • Celebrity Wax Museum: Enjoy a fun experience at the Celebrity Wax Museum, featuring life-size wax figures of famous personalities from Bollywood and beyond.

  • Bhaja Caves: Explore the historic Bhaja Caves, another complex of Buddhist cave temples dating back to the 2nd century BCE.

  • Optional Detour: If you're an adrenaline seeker, consider visiting the Lohagad Fort, offering trekking trails and historical significance.

  • Pawna Lake: Enjoy the serene beauty of Pawna Lake, a popular spot for picnicking and boat rides (depending on availability).

  • Afternoon: By 4 PM, bid farewell to Lonavala and commence your return journey towards Mumbai.

  • Evening: Arrive back in Mumbai by around 8 PM, carrying cherished memories of your enchanting escape through the Sahyadris and the Konkan Coast.

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