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Mahabaleshwar - Ratnagiri - Ganpatipule (from Mumbai) Tour Package

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Mahabaleshwar - Ratnagiri - Ganpatipule
5 days

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Tour Overview

Escape the ordinary and embark on a captivating journey that blends the serenity of the hill station Mahabaleshwar with the historical significance and coastal charm of Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule. This meticulously planned 5-day itinerary from Mumbai offers a delightful mix of scenic landscapes, historical sites, and a sacred temple visit.

This action-packed itinerary whisks you away from Mumbai (Day 1). Explore Mahabaleshwar's temples, viewpoints, and serene lakes like Venna Lake. Day 2 features captivating points like Elephant's Head Point and the vibrant Mapro Garden. Day 3 unfolds with a visit to the historic Pratapgad Fort and arrival in Ratnagiri. Immerse yourself in Ratnagiri's history on Day 4, visiting the Thiba Palace and Ratnadurg Fort. Conclude your journey in Ganpatipule (Day 5), seeking blessings at the Swayambhu Ganapati Temple and relaxing on the pristine beaches. Comfortable transportation, delicious breakfasts, and cozy stays ensure a delightful Konkan escape.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Unveiling Mahabaleshwar's Enchantment (Start at 6 AM)
  • Early Morning: Our representative will pick you up comfortably from your designated location in Mumbai (around 6 AM).

  • Morning: Gear up for a scenic drive towards Mahabaleshwar, a popular hill station nestled in the Western Ghats.

  • Afternoon: Upon arrival, delve into the cultural and scenic treasures of Mahabaleshwar.

  • Krishnabai Temple / Krishna Devi Temple: Pay homage at the Krishnabai Temple, a revered Hindu shrine.

  • Mahabaleshwar Mandir: Seek blessings at the Mahabaleshwar Mandir, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Panch Ganga / Panchganga Temple: Witness the confluence of five sacred rivers at the Panch Ganga Temple.

  • Panoramic Views: Capture breathtaking vistas from viewpoints like Elphinstone Point, Arthur Seat Point (highest point in Mahabaleshwar), and Bombay Point (known for its sunsets).

  • Evening: Check into your pre-booked hotel in Mahabaleshwar and unwind after a delightful day.

Day 2: Unveiling More of Mahabaleshwar's Treasures (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: Savor a delicious breakfast and embark on further exploration of Mahabaleshwar's scenic beauty.

  • Lodwick Point: Marvel at the captivating views of the Krishna River Valley.

  • Venna Dam / Lake: Enjoy a boat ride or admire the serene beauty of Venna Lake, a major source of water for Mahabaleshwar.

  • Unique Rock Formations: Witness the fascinating Elephant's Head Point and enjoy panoramic vistas from Kate's Point.

  • Lingmala Waterfall: Take a refreshing dip or soak in the beauty of the cascading Lingmala Waterfall.

  • Mapro Garden: Explore the vibrant Mapro Garden, a popular tourist destination known for its strawberry products, chocolate factory, and scenic views.

  • Evening: Relax and enjoy the charming ambiance of Mahabaleshwar at your hotel.

Day 3: Unveiling Ratnagiri's Heritage & Journey Onwards (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: After breakfast, check out from your hotel in Mahabaleshwar and proceed towards Ratnagiri, a coastal town known for its historical significance.

  • Pratapgad Fort: En route, make a detour to the majestic Pratapgad Fort, associated with the Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

  • Afternoon: Arrive in Ratnagiri and check into your pre-booked hotel.

Day 4: Unveiling Ratnagiri's Treasures & Coastal Beauty (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: After breakfast, delve into Ratnagiri's historical and cultural heritage.

  • Thiba Palace / Thibaw Palace: Explore the opulent Thibaw Palace, a former residence of the exiled Burmese king.

  • Marine Aquarium & Museum: Learn about the marine life of the Konkan coast at the Marine Aquarium & Museum.

  • Ratnadurg Fort: Ascend the imposing Ratnadurg Fort, offering panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

  • Afternoon: After exploring Ratnagiri, continue your journey to Ganpatipule, a serene beach town.

  • Aare Ware Beach: Enjoy a relaxing evening at the scenic Aare Ware Beach, known for its golden sands and calm waters.

  • Evening: Check into your pre-booked hotel in Ganpatipule and unwind after a captivating day.

Day 5: Unveiling Ganpatipule's Charm & Farewell (Start at 9 AM)
  • Morning: Savor a delicious breakfast and embark on your exploration of Ganpatipule.

  • Swayambhu Ganapati Temple: Seek blessings at the Swayambhu Ganapati Temple, a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha.

  • Ganpatipule Beach: Relax and soak in the sun on the pristine Ganpatipule Beach, known for its calm waters and scenic beauty.

  • Optional Detour: If time permits, visit the Prachin Konkan Museum for a glimpse into the Konkan region's rich history and culture.

  • Afternoon: By 1 PM, bid farewell to the Konkan Coast and commence your return journey towards Mumbai.

  • Evening: Arrive back in Mumbai by around 10 PM, carrying cherished memories of your enchanting escape.

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