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Places to Visit in Mathura

Mathura, birthplace of Lord Krishna, beckons travelers seeking cultural immersion and spiritual awakening. Steeped in mythology, the city boasts magnificent temples that resonate with history and devotion. Delve into Krishna's origins at the Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple, marking his birthplace. Witness the captivating murti (idol) of Banke Bihari Temple, famed for its mesmerizing beauty. Embrace serenity at Vishram Ghat, a sacred bathing site on the Yamuna River. Explore the expansive Dwarkadhish Temple, dedicated to Krishna as Dwarkadhish (Lord of Dwarka). Unveil Mathura's rich heritage at the Mathura Museum, housing a treasure trove of sculptures and artifacts. For a unique experience, visit Prem Mandir, a majestic white marble temple showcasing intricate artworks. Whether you're a devotee or a history buff, Mathura's vibrant tapestry of temples, museums, and sacred sites promises an unforgettable pilgrimage.

Top Tourist Places to visit in Mathura 

Vrindavan Packages: Unveiling the Enchantment of Mathura 

Nestled on the banks of the sacred Yamuna River, Mathura beckons as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the embodiment of divine love. Vrindavan Packages curates exceptional travel experiences, and while Vrindavan holds a special place in Krishna's story, Mathura is where his journey began. This page explores the captivating temples, historical sites, and cultural experiences that await you in Mathura, the land where Krishna's divine Leela (play) unfolded.

A City Steeped in Mythology and History

Mathura's rich tapestry is woven with threads of mythology, history, and cultural significance. Here's a glimpse into what makes Mathura special:

The Birthplace of Krishna: Mathura is revered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Countless temples and historical sites commemorate Krishna's life and miracles, making Mathura a pilgrimage destination for devotees worldwide.

Mathura, birthplace of Lord Krishna

An Ancient City: Mathura boasts an ancient history dating back to the 6th century BCE. Archaeological excavations have unearthed remnants of Indus Valley Civilization settlements, signifying the city's longstanding significance.

A Blend of Religions: Mathura is a harmonious confluence of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. This rich religious diversity is reflected in the city's numerous temples, stupas, and pilgrimage sites catering to various faiths.

Unveiling the Essence of Mathura: Must-Visit Sites

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Vrindavan tour Packages recommends incorporating these captivating places into your Mathura itinerary:

Krishna Janmabhoomi (Birthplace):  Embark on your Mathura exploration at the sacred Krishna Janmabhoomi, believed to be the exact birthplace of Lord Krishna. The site complex houses a prison cell where Krishna's mother Devaki was held captive by her evil brother Kansa, a majestic temple dedicated to Krishna, and a museum showcasing artifacts related to Krishna's life.

Krishna Janmbhoomi

Dwarkadheesh Temple:  Dedicated to Lord Krishna in his Dwarkadhish form, this intricately carved temple is a visual masterpiece. The temple's towering shikhara (spire) and exquisite murals depicting scenes from Krishna's Leela captivate visitors.

Dwarkadheesh temple Mathura

Vishram Ghat Mathura:  Experience serenity at Mathura's Vishram Ghat, a sacred bathing spot on the holy Yamuna River. Legend says Lord Krishna rested here after vanquishing the demon king Kansa. Devotees flock to the ghat for a refreshing dip in the auspicious waters, believed to cleanse sins and bring blessings. Witness vibrant aarti ceremonies performed at dusk, illuminating the ghat with an ethereal glow. Soak in the spiritual atmosphere and capture panoramic views of the Yamuna River. Don't miss Vishram Ghat on your Mathura pilgrimage for a truly enriching experience.

Vishram Ghat Mathura

Mathura Museum: Delve deeper into Mathura's rich history and artistic heritage at the Mathura Museum. The museum houses an extensive collection of archaeological artifacts, sculptures, and paintings that offer a glimpse into the city's ancient past and artistic traditions.

Mathura Museum

Beyond Temples: Exploring Mathura's Cultural Tapestry

Mathura offers more than just historical sites and temples. Here's a glimpse into the vibrant cultural experiences that await you:

Holi Celebrations:  If your pilgrimage coincides with the festival of Holi (festival of colors), Mathura transforms into a vibrant wonderland. Witnessing the playful colors, joyous music, and the spirit of revelry during Holi celebrations in Mathura is an unforgettable experience.

Street Food Delights:  Mathura's culinary scene boasts a delicious array of street food options. From melt-in-your-mouth samosas and crispy jalebis to flavorful chaat and local Mathura specialties like pedas (sweet fudge), there's something to tantalize every taste bud.

Classical Dance Performances:  Mathura has a rich tradition of classical dance forms like Kathak and Braj Natyam. Attending an evening performance allows you to witness the graceful movements and storytelling artistry of these traditional dance styles.

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