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Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji

Updated: Apr 9

Premanand Ji Maharaj
Premanand Ji Maharaj

Unveiling the Spiritual Legacy of Shri Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji

In the heart of Vrindavan, amidst the enchanting melody of chanting and the intoxicating aroma of incense, lies the spiritual legacy of Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji. Revered by devotees as a saint who embodied pure devotion to Radha Krishna, his story and teachings continue to inspire seekers on their spiritual journeys.

From Sanyasi to Radha Vallabhacharya Saint

Born in a small village near Mathura, young Hit Premanand embarked on a path of renunciation at a tender age.  He received initiation into the Sanyasi order and wandered throughout India, seeking spiritual enlightenment. Drawn by an irresistible pull, he eventually arrived in Vrindavan, the land synonymous with Krishna's divine love.

His initial days in Vrindavan were marked by simplicity. He spent his time performing Vrindavan Parikrama, a sacred circumambulation of the holy town, and seeking darshan (holy sight) of Lord Krishna at the famed Banke Bihari Temple. It was here, amidst the captivating aura of Banke Bihari, that his life took a transformative turn.

A revered saint of the Radha Vallabhacharya Sampradaya is said to have noticed Hit Premanand's unwavering devotion and drawn him into the fold.  Under the guidance of these saintly figures, Hit Premanand's spiritual understanding deepened, and his heart overflowed with love for Radha and Krishna.

A Life of Devotion and Service

Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji, as he came to be known, dedicated his life to selfless service and spreading the message of divine love. He established a small ashram in Vrindavan, which became a haven for devotees seeking refuge and spiritual guidance.

His days were filled with chanting bhajans, performing pujas, and offering discourses laced with profound wisdom and unwavering devotion. His gentle demeanor, coupled with his deep spiritual knowledge, endeared him to all who crossed his path.

Legacy Beyond Time

Even today, the legacy of Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji continues to inspire. His ashram, Vrindavan Ras Mahima, remains a center for spiritual seekers. Devotees gather to participate in daily satsangs (spiritual discourses), celebrate festivals with devotion, and immerse themselves in the sacred atmosphere nurtured by his teachings.

Experiencing the Divine Grace: A Guide for Devotees

If you're planning a pilgrimage to Vrindavan and seek to connect with the spiritual legacy of Shri Hit Premanand Govind Sharan Maharaj Ji, here's a guide to assist you:

  • Location: Vrindavan Ras Mahima Ashram is situated near Shyam Ghat, easily accessible within Vrindavan.

  • Darshan: The ashram welcomes visitors throughout the day. You can participate in morning or evening satsangs, where discourses and bhajans are held.

  • Accommodation: Vrindavan offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to dharamshalas (pilgrim lodges) to luxurious hotels. Vrindavan Packages ( can assist you in finding suitable accommodation based on your preferences.

  • Temple Etiquette: Dress modestly and respectfully when visiting the ashram.  Remove your shoes before entering the prayer hall and maintain silence during satsangs.

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