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How to plan Mathura Vrindavan trip ?

Updated: Apr 3

Keshi Ghat
Keshi Ghat

Planning Your Mathura Vrindavan Trip: A Spiritual and Historical Journey

Vrindavan Packages welcomes you to Braj Bhoomi, the land where Lord Krishna's divine love story unfolds! Are you planning a trip to Mathura and Vrindavan, the sacred pilgrimage sites steeped in mythology and history? Here's a comprehensive guide to assist you in planning an unforgettable adventure:

Understanding Mathura and Vrindavan:

  • Mathura: The city of Mathura, about 15 kilometers from Vrindavan, is revered as Lord Krishna's birthplace. It boasts historical sites like the Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex, marking his birthplace.

  • Vrindavan: Known as the "Playground of Lord Krishna," Vrindavan is where Krishna spent his childhood, indulging in playful pranks and fostering his divine love story with Radha. Here, you'll find thousands of temples dedicated to Krishna and Radha.

Deciding on Your Itinerary (2-4 Days Recommended):

  • Day 1: Start your journey in Mathura. Visit the Krishna Janmasthan Temple Complex, explore the museums showcasing ancient artifacts, and witness the grandeur of the evening aarti (prayer ceremony).

  • Day 2: Dedicate a day to exploring Vrindavan's temples. Visit iconic sites like Banke Bihari Temple, ISKCON Temple, and Madan Mohan Temple, each boasting unique architecture and stories.

  • Day 3: Immerse yourself in Vrindavan's cultural delights. Witness a mesmerizing Raas Leela performance, participate in a morning aarti at a local temple, or enjoy a serene boat ride on the Yamuna River.

  • Day 4 (Optional): If time permits, consider exploring nearby places like Gokul, the village where Krishna grew up, or Barsana, Radha's birthplace.

Vrindavan Packages Can Help:

While this itinerary provides a framework, Vrindavan Packages can curate a tailor-made experience for you, considering your interests and pace of travel. We offer:

  • Budget-friendly to luxury packages: Choose an itinerary that aligns with your travel style and preferences.

  • Comfortable accommodation: We provide a variety of stay options near prominent temples in both Mathura and Vrindavan, ensuring a convenient and peaceful experience.

  • Expertly guided tours: Our knowledgeable guides will weave tales of Krishna's life, mythology, and the cultural significance of these holy towns.

Booking Your Trip:

  • Transportation: Trains are a convenient and affordable way to travel between Mathura and Vrindavan. You can also hire taxis or rickshaws for local commutes.

  • Accommodation: Vrindavan Packages can assist you in booking comfortable stays near temples in both locations.

  • Entry Fees: Most temples have minimal entry fees, and some offer free entry.

Additional Tips:

  • Travel during the off-season (except Holi) for smaller crowds.

  • Pack modest clothing that covers shoulders and knees for temple visits.

  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

  • Light woolen clothes might be needed during winters.

Experience the Enchantment of Braj Bhoomi with Vrindavan Packages!

Contact Vrindavan Packages today and let us craft your dream Mathura-Vrindavan itinerary. We'll ensure your trip is a perfect blend of spiritual awakening, historical exploration, and cultural immersion. Make lasting memories in the land where Krishna's spirit comes alive!



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